Usually, there is more than one reason for success in franchise management. Here, I will explore one issue that can determine franchise management success.

Franchise Quality ControlTake care when creating your franchise management programs. On-going franchise management success is dependent upon effective quality control programs.

This quality control builds customer loyalty and leads to higher sales and profits system-wide.

Franchising is based upon a company offering a product or service that can be duplicated through a system that can also be duplicated. The consistency created by proper franchise management sets customer expectations at levels that can be achieved at each franchised location.

Franchise Quality Control Consistency

Creating a consistent experience for your customers is the ultimate goal of a properly planned and executed franchise management system.

Setting up your operating procedures to enhance quality control will result in more successful franchise management. Examine each step in the process of serving the customer from the customer’s viewpoint. How can you streamline your procedures to more consistently produce the desired quality?

In turn, this franchise quality control will result in stronger relationships with customers and better franchise management overall. After you have incorporated quality control safeguards into your operating procedures, then break down your operating system into step-by-step segments that can be easily taught to franchisees and franchisee employees.

In this area of franchise management, you must thoroughly train your franchisees. More complete training results in better adherence to the franchisor’s standards.

You must ensure the franchisees can effectively train their employees. Your training programs must result in meeting the franchisor’s quality standards with every customer on every visit. If you achieve this consistency, your franchise management system can flourish.

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