From my perspective as a professional with a franchise consultants company, franchising your business is not particularly difficult.   Here we will take a look at the topic of franchise support programs.

Franchise Support ProgramsLiterally thousands of companies have successfully franchised; and many have brought in specialists in franchise consulting to help. It is important to properly structure the franchise program to reflect the specific business you are franchising.

Often, a person experienced in franchise consulting can save you time and costly mistakes by helping you make the right choices.

Franchise Support Programs Planning

At NFA, one of the areas we take most seriously in franchise consulting is properly structuring the franchise support programs the franchisor provides the franchisees.

As part of our franchise consulting services, we help the franchisor carefully plan the ways it will help its franchisee succeed.

In this planning stage, a professional in franchise consulting can be particularly beneficial.

The questions the franchise consulting team can help you answer include:

  • What guidance are your providing in site selection and lease negotiation?
  • Will you supply sample floor plans or architectural plans?
  • What pre-opening training programs are you offering?
  • Will you supply any equipment, inventory or furniture to the franchisee before opening?
  • Will any franchisor personnel be on site to help open the business?

Your franchise consulting professional can also help you structure your on-going franchise support programs for your franchisees, by addressing the following issues:

  • What sort of post-opening training will you make available?
  • Will you maintain field support staff? On what basis? What is their role?
  • What quality control programs are needed?
  • What information are franchisees required to submit to your office?
  • Is a technical support hotline for franchisees advisable?
  • Does the franchisee have to purchase any items from the franchisor on an on-going basis?
  • If a problem occurs, how can it best be resolved?
  • How can you provide these services cost effectively?

As you can see, a person knowledgeable about franchise consulting will be tremendously valuable.

Your franchise consulting advisor can help you design workable programs that allow you to provide the assistance your franchisees will need to achieve initial and on-going success.

Thinking About Developing a Franchise Support System?

NFA Franchise Consultants have the experience to help businesses franchise.  Just watch and listen to some of our client case studies and video testimonials.  We can HELP YOU and it doesn’t cost anything to call and talk to us! 

So, if you are still asking the “should I franchise my business” question over and over with no clear direction, give us a call at (706) 356-5637, or contact us through our online form.  We look forward to helping you take your business to the next level and beyond.