Cottontown-Tennessee-based National Adjuster Resource Partners (N.A.R.P.) Founder and Managing Member, Jackie Hamlet announced the company is launching a nationwide franchise program.

N.A.R.P. is a specialty franchise, concentrating on insurance claims adjusters for commercial and residential property and building-related liability claims. The franchise program was created to help resolve the most relevant issue faced by those in the insurance adjusting profession: the increasing shortage of independent, customer service-oriented claims adjusters. The N.A.R.P. franchise opportunity is strategically positioned to partner with insurance providers, adjusting firms, top level independent customer service claims adjusters, claims adjuster training companies and new talent and licensees interested in becoming a professional in the claims adjusting industry.

N.A.R.P.’s goal is to provide 2,362 pre-determined franchise locations throughout the United States to develop new resources trained on-site with a focus on customer service through the company’s fully developed two-year Mentoring Program. A chief objective of each N.A.R.P. franchise location is to utilize customer service claims adjusters to mentor new individuals and licensees at the franchise office. The Mentors, for their efforts, earn a higher percentage of the insurance provider fees. After completing the first 60 days of the N.A.R.P. Mentoring Program, N.A.R.P. Mentorees are paid while they train. All Mentorees who complete the program receive Certificates of Completion to document their training and qualifications.

The best training comes from a seasoned, experienced claims adjuster. It is the intention of N.A.R.P. to create local training centers to help the people who have licenses, but no real experience, become top producers.

“I have been in the insurance industry for many years, and it’s hardly a secret that there are not enough well-trained, customer service-oriented claims adjusters,” said Jackie Hamlet. “The problem becomes even more obvious during times of catastrophe, such as 2017’s three major hurricanes, widespread fires, tornadoes, mudslides and other natural disasters. One of my major reasons for creating this franchise program is to try to fix a problem that is projected to worsen as seasoned professionals leave the industry and go unreplaced. A claims adjuster serves two customers: the property owner and the insurance provider. When you think about it, a well-trained, top performing claims adjuster makes the property owner’s life easier at a very stressful time. In providing better service to the insured, we also provide better service to the entity paying the fees, the insurance provider.”

Steve Raines, President of National Franchise Associates, one of the nation’s leading franchise consulting and development firms, helped create the N.A.R.P. franchise program. Said Raines, “For a company or person who is already a claims adjuster or claims adjusting firm, the N.A.R.P. franchise is a remarkable opportunity. Jackie Hamlet has very carefully thought out all the moving pieces. It has built-in synergy with abundant benefits for insurance providers, claims adjusting firms, independent claims adjusters, claims adjusting schools and people who want to become claims adjusters. The program rewards excellence and meets a solid industry need. It has all the earmarks of a solid winner.”

For information on the N.A.R.P. franchise program, call (904) 699-6581 or (615) 417-0257, email [email protected] or [email protected] or visit

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