In my over three decades experience as a franchise consultant, I am often asked “When you franchise your business, what are some of the most important considerations?” Here, I will examine one of those issues: when you franchise your business, how important is quality control?

In my opinion, maintaining your focus on quality control when you franchise your business is paramount in operating a strong franchise program.

Quality control leads to more successful individual franchises, builds both franchisee and franchisor gross revenues, increases customer visits and creates a stronger brand overall.  The essence of franchising is the franchisor provides a product/service and a system that can be replicated from franchise to franchise.

Because they believe that each franchise location will meet their expectations for quality and service, customers feel comfortable visiting different locations.

When you franchise your business, you will succeed only if you incorporate systems to ensure the customer’s experience will be duplicated at different locations.

When you franchise your business, remember that the franchisors who are most successful in their franchise programs integrate quality control systems and safeguards into their daily operating procedures. This emphasis on quality control helps improve sales and enhance operational efficiency at company-owned locations as well.

When you franchise your business, the first step in the process of implementing a quality control program is to develop quantifiable standards. You must then communicate these benchmarks clearly and consistently to every franchise and company-owned location.

When you franchise your business, this is an on-going process. On a continuing basis, you must enhance your quality control procedures as your concept matures, the market evolves, new competitors emerge and new technologies are introduced. When you franchise your business, you must maintain an unwavering focus on quality control to ensure your franchisees provide the best experience with every customer interaction.

To ensure quality control, thorough training is vital when you franchise your business. Each franchisee must be properly trained. Each franchisee, in turn, must see that all employees of the franchise location fully understand and perform their responsibilities. When you franchise your business, all franchisor and franchisee representatives must strive to meet your quality control goals. Only then can your franchise system reach its true potential.

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