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In my over three decades experience as a franchise consultant, I am often asked “When you franchise your business, what are some of the most important considerations?”  Here, I will examine one of those issues: if you franchise your business, how important is your initial franchise training program?

A good training program is a valuable asset when you franchise your business, for a number of reasons, including:

1. When you franchise your business, the initial franchise training program must cover all the material your new Franchise Owner and his/her key employees must master in order to profitably operate the location.  Skimping in this area could result in a poorly performing location or even the failure of a franchise.  If you wish to franchise your business, realize the more successful your individual franchises are, the easier it is for you to sell additional franchises and the more money everybody involved makes.

2. Your franchise training program is an important part of your overall quality control if you franchise your business.  Inadequately trained Franchise Owners are less able to meet your standards for product and service quality, speed of service, customer relations, compliance with local regulations and other areas.  Failure to meet your quality control guidelines will undermine your brand, leading to lower unit sales and fewer franchise locations when you franchise your business.

3. By spending time with your Franchise Owners and their key staff people during your initial franchise training program, you forge stronger relationships with them, making the entire franchise system function more smoothly company-wide.

4. A quality franchise training program is a selling point for your franchise.  When you franchise your business, savvy Franchise Owners want more training because they know the better their training, the more likely they will be profitable.

5. A well-constructed franchise training program when you franchise your business helps you establish and maintain open lines of communication with your franchises, enhancing their chances for success.

6. If you put together a good training program when you franchise your business, you can utilize it to train your new hires for your company-owned locations.

7. When you franchise your business, if you adequately train your Franchise Owners, you can more effectively enforce the terms of your Franchise Agreement.

8. When you franchise your business, often it is through your franchise training program that you can offer your top performing employees a pathway for career advancement within your company.

As you can see, a well-planned franchise training program offers you a number of advantages when you franchise your business.

Thinking About Franchising?

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