Franchising involves two types of marketing:

  • The Franchisor’s marketing programs to identify and attract qualified Franchisees
  • The marketing programs the individual locations use to attract customers

Franchise MarketingNational Franchise Associates has created its own full service in-house advertising and public relations firm that can fill both these marketing needs.

Our franchise consultants can create advertising campaigns, promotional support programs, public relations campaigns and community relations strategies to best help the company meet its goals. We specialize in developing cost-effective marketing strategies for smaller businesses.

Our areas of specialization include:

Marketing brochures are probably the most important and effective marketing tools for a Franchisor.

Most start-up franchise companies are meeting a specific niche in the marketplace. We can help you best identify this niche, determine its selling points and deliver your message within the parameters of your marketing budget.

While many franchises are sold through “word of mouth” advertising, you may decide that you wish to market to build your pool of qualified prospects. We know what marketing strategies work and can assist you in spending your marketing dollars wisely.

Public Relations can be a very efficient means of building your company name and image, announcing the launch of your franchise program and generating franchise prospects. We have created and implemented public relations strategies on local, regional and national levels.

We can help you evaluate the marketing materials and programs you currently have available for Franchisee usage and update or improve these materials as needed. Obviously, having on hand marketing materials and campaigns that have been proven to increase sales enhances the value of your franchise offering.  Plus, if your franchise program receives a percentage royalty from Franchisees, the higher the sales at the individual locations, the higher the royalty fees you will receive.