The best-structured franchise program in the world is meaningless if you do not sell any franchises.

The principals at NFA have strong experience in franchise sales.  We can help with everything from franchise sales programs to sales strategy and planning.

In fact, we have a page dedicated to video testimonials from our clients.  We’d love for you to hear first hand what they had to say about their experience with NFA!

We can be of invaluable assistance in this area, including the following:

Franchise SalesThe first step in achieving success in any sales program is to identify the types of prospects most likely to be interested in and qualified for your program.  A prospect who is not qualified for your program is no more suitable than a qualified prospect who has no interest.  We can help!

During the franchise consulting and development process, our franchise consultants will help you determine your most likely prospects and design your franchise program to be most attractive to these target prospects.

If desired, we can help you create a marketing plan to help you establish and reach your sales goals.

Once you have determined your sales goals, the next step in the process is to devise and implement sales strategies that will help you meet these goals. There are a number of sales campaigns that have proven successful for Franchisors. We can help you develop the most effective strategy for your program.

NFA can train you how to sell your own franchise at the outset of your franchise program. This training involves organizing the franchise sales process, steps in the selling process, maintaining control of the selling process, weeding out unqualified prospects, overcoming objections, closing the sale and sales follow-up. We will role-play with you to make you more comfortable making presentations. If desired, we will also attend your franchise sales presentations to help answer any questions a prospect may ask and critique your performance in an effort to improve your sales abilities.

As your network expands and you retain franchise sales people, we can also teach you how to train and manage your franchise sales department.