Franchise Legal DocumentsThe laws on franchising are comprehensive, requiring franchise legal documents.

In order to legally franchise your business, you must have a properly prepared Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Franchise Agreement.

When correctly drafted, these franchise legal documents clearly spell out your relationship with your Franchisees and your mutual responsibilities.

With National Franchise Associates’s approach to franchise development, we also help you structure your franchise program in order to best meet your company’s goals.

In addition, your franchise company may need other legal services as well, including:

  • State and Federal Trademark Registrations
  • Franchise Registrations in those states where required (14 of the 50 states require an individual state registration before you can operate a franchise company or sell franchises in that state)
  • Forming corporations or other appropriate legal entities

One of the many benefits of the NFA approach is that during the franchise development process, we help you implement strategies to minimize your legal exposure as a Franchisor.

These strategies — based upon not only legal issues but also operational and marketing strategies — help protect you from legal actions and also strengthen your position in the unlikely event that taking legal action becomes necessary.

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