As a franchise consultant, I am often asked what are some of the key considerations when you franchise your business. In my opinion, one of the most important elements of a good franchise program is creating the right training program when you franchise your business.

When planning your training program, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Creating a Franchise Training ProgramConsistency from location to location is one of the bedrock principles when you franchise your business. Without consistency, franchising doesn’t work. Your Franchise Owners must be able to properly set the customer’s expectations and then to meet those expectations during every customer interaction. When you franchise your business, the initial training program is undoubtedly your best opportunity to teach your Franchise Owners the importance of consistency to their own bottom lines, as well as to the profits of their fellow Franchise Owners. The importance of maintaining consistency at every franchise location when you franchise your business has become even more critical during these days of social media and instant online reviews.
  2. The initial training program is your first and best opportunity to initiate your quality control procedures when you franchise your business. It is your responsibility to protect the quality of the products/services throughout all your franchise and company-owned locations. Without proper training, it is impossible to implement any meaningful quality control guidelines when you franchise your business. Proper training is the best way to begin instilling your quality control checks at the new franchise location. This is when you teach your new Franchise Owners and their team your system. Teach them well, and you will be rewarded with higher sales chain-wide when you franchise your business.
  3. As franchise locations open, your field team will begin visiting and performing evaluations to ensure the Franchise Owners are implementing your system properly when you franchise your business. If there are issues, the Franchise Owner must be notified and has a period of time to cure the problems. If the quality control concerns are not corrected within a commercially viable time frame, you may have to implement legal action and possible termination of the franchise. This can potentially be a very expensive process and undermine future franchise sales. It is best to minimize this possibility through proper training when you franchise your business.
  4. When you franchise your business, your training program can be a very compelling selling point. Your prospective Franchise Owners want to know that they and their team will receive adequate training. A strong training program reinforces how much the Franchisor cares about the success of its Franchise Owners. This philosophy can help you sell more franchises when you franchise your business.

Thinking About Franchising?

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