In my over three decades of experience as a franchise consultant, I am often asked, “What are some of the most important components when franchising a business?” In my opinion, creating well-drafted, comprehensive Franchise Operations Manuals is one of the most important steps when franchising a business.

Clearly written and complete Operations Manuals provide many advantages when franchising a business. These benefits include:

  • Having a documented system of operations can be one of the most valuable assets a franchisor gives a franchisee when franchising a business;
  • Operations Manuals enhance excellence and uniformity throughout the entire franchise system;
  • They can serve as persuasive sales tools when talking to prospective franchisees;
  • Consistency from location to location helps to meet customers’ expectations and increases sales at both individual franchises and system-wide;
  • When franchising a business, during the process of drafting Operations Manuals, you can review, streamline and improve your existing policies and procedures;
  • Operations Manuals can be an extremely useful tool for you to use when you train franchisees and they, in turn, train their employees;
  • They can help your franchisees launch their businesses in an organized and efficient manner;
  • When franchising a business, Operations Manuals can save money and time for both the franchisee and franchisor. Franchisees benefit by having a complete reference guide at their fingertips, relieving them from the need of contacting the franchisor with every question. In turn, the franchisor does not have to devote as many resources to franchisee support;
  • Operations Manuals provide a mechanism for conveying to all locations any new or revised products, services, strategies, guidelines, campaigns and methods; and
  • Clients have told us at NFA that, when franchising a business, the process of creating their Operations Manuals allowed them to strengthen operations at their company-owned locations.

Perhaps the most important benefit of having thorough and detailed Operations Manuals when franchising a business is that they become part of the Franchise Agreement. Your policies, procedures, techniques, recipes and systems thereby become legally enforceable. These elements of your franchise program also become protected by the trade secret clauses of the Franchise Agreement and cannot be shared with others outside the system.

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